Ginger – 13 LBS TO GO – Day 4

Ginger – 13 LBS TO GO – Day 4

Day 4

Friday and the weekend was tough.  Friday was great during the day, but I got home late and was starving by the time I got there, so everything I shouldn’t be eating was looking really good.

I snuck a turkey hotdog without the bun and had some vegi soup.  The week end was tough also,  I was working on Saturday and actually packed my lunch and dinner, but found that because I was doing home organizing work that required me to lift and mover tings, I was hungrier than usual during the day. The stuff I packed wasn’t enough.  I had some vegi sushi for dinner.

Sunday was hard too, because I was running errands, and kept looking up and realizing that I was late for my herbal capsules.  Overall, I still feel really good, but I am realizing that I have to make a schedule and food preparation a priority or it won’t happen.  But I am definitely releasing weight.  FINALLY.

For two years I have been trying to get this extra 20 lbs. off and haven’t been able to keep it off and then I would pick up a few extra pounds after a few months.  I am getting compliments at work that I look thinner.  What more could you want. I finally jumped up on the scale again.  I have released 7 lbs so far. YAAAY.  That is great motivation.

I have to admit that I find that I have to have something warm for dinner.  So steaming the veggies for 7 minutes then putting them in the blender with some Braggs is helping soooo much.  A fruit smoothie for breakfast, an awesome salad with nuts and avocado for lunch and a delicious warm soup when I get home. I think I can do this.  16 days to go. Til next time.