Ginger – 13 LBS TO GO – Final Day

Ginger – 13 LBS TO GO – Final Day

Final Day

Over the past week, the ritual has finally become automatic.  I joyfully travel with my own food, and my body has aclimated to the new food diet and repaying me with vibrant energy, clarity and the ability to stay calm and grounded.  I have released a total of 10 pounds.

I am confident that my last 3 pounds will go quickly.  I have decided to follow up this detox with a final Colon Clense, which is recommended.

Thank you Dherbs for giving me back my life.  I have referred your site to over 10 people and tell them that your herbs are the best on the planet.  I will use your herbs for the rest of my life.

God Bless and Thank You.