I’m SO TIRED of being TIRED! – Day 14

I’m SO TIRED of being TIRED! – Day 14



Day 14


We got lucky, Tyrone and I got invited to an all raw food lunch today, I’m so happy. I should be able to breeze thru this day. I had a banana for breakfast and went to church. They were fixing chicken dinners at church today so I had to leave in a hurry. I was invited to a all raw food lunch at 2:00 pm (can’t wait). Oh boy lunch is here And it is lovely.  We started off with a nice smoothie (bananas and blueberries) Next we had a very interesting soup made out of mangos, butternut squash, oranges and pineapple with bananas. And the entrée was tacos and guacamole. It was a feast! I had 2 tacos and I was stuffed. I am begging for the leftovers! ( I REALLY NEEDED A BOOST, THE RAW LUNCH WAS JUST THE PICK ME UP I NEEDED)