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I’m SO TIRED of being TIRED! – Day 17



Day 17


I was traveling around in the after noon to the late evening. I got a little behind schedule with my herbs (but I’m still taking them). I had to go with the family to a restaurant but I was able to resist the food.  I am too deep into the detox to turn back now! Finally I am home. Good night. ( THAT WAS A CLOSE CALL , DONT WANT TO TAKE STEPS BACKWARD)





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  • Q: I am so impressed with your website and the level of great information you provide. The product list is very impressive as well. I have High Blood Pressure and have been on medication for a little over five years. I am 5'8" tall 167lbs. I'm in pretty good shape. I don't understand why I have HBP. I know I want to be off the meds. I feel really tired when I try to exercise. (I mean really tired) I notice there is constant congestion and post nasal drip. I'm usually going to the bathroom to urinate 4 or 5 times every night. So, I want to accomplish a couple of things. 1. I want my energy level back so that I can get back into the gym build my body again. 2. I want to get off these meds. I've been thinking about doing the FULL BODY DETOX but I read where some people were having real pain. I'm concerned that if the pain is too bad my blood pressure will go up.


    Thank you, Beloved! Glad you like the website! I would recommend that you first perform the FULL BODY DETOX (FBD). Drink ginseng tea too while detoxing! Consult with our "HERBAL CHART" for products to take for any diseases you may be dealing with. Again, begin the FBD right away to reclaim your health. The meds are only killing you slowly but surely. You can heal, Beloved!

  • Q: I need to know what herbs I need. I am going through menopause, I am always tired, when I am sleep I snore very loud. I wake up tired and I have bags under my eyes. Please help.


    First perform the FULL BODY DETOX and then proceed with the TOTAL WOMAN CLEANSE. make sure you drink FEMALE HEALTH TEA during both kits.

  • Q: I'm in dire need of your help. My legs ache nightly. I'm tired of taking Motrin because I know that stuff is so bad for my liver. I've tried everything. I take extra magnesium and extra B-6 and nothing seems to help. The only relief I get is taking very hot baths and that seems to relax them a bit. I'd so appreciate any help you can give me.


    Detox your body (FULL BODY DETOX). Drink the HEADACHES TEA (1-2 cups) daily. Perform the Sea Salt Soak (see our article â€SEA SALT SOAK†by the same title).

  • Q: I'm sorry to keep bugging you I know you are probably tired of me by now but I just have to ask you one more thing I was involved in a devilish relationship and I was a virgin and he was not so I waited at least 3 months before we had unprotected intercourse and the test came back negative but evidently he had during that period and that was how it infected me. So if I were to do the full body detox and the anti-viral kit and it were to come back negative how long after my first negative should I go back and test just to make sure I wont past it on to someone else and put them through trauma.


    That would be up to you. You see, once a person tests "negative" our advice is to not look back and worry about getting re-tested, etc. (which means you don't really trust that the disease/virus is really gone or cured). We say test negative and move on; but if you want to get re-tested during the year, that's your prerogative and you can do so as often as you like. I humbly and sincerely trust I have gone overboard in asking all of your concerns and inquiries and can now redirect my energy back into answering first time inquiries.

  • Q: I have Psoriasis in my foot I'm so tired of all the creams I just want it to calm down my whole body feel itchy I have dark circles under my eyes I'm 41 years old woman should I perform the full body detox or the 10 day cleanse can you help?


    Perform the FULL BODY DETOX and rub on HEALING SKIN OIL (both available from our on-line store). Soak the foot in hot water, 1 box (13-26 oz) of sea salt, and 5 drops of tea tree oil.

  • Q: Lately I have found myself taking cleansing herbs like Alfalfa, at night, is that Ok, or should I take the Alfalfa in the day. The reason why I take cleansing herbs in the night before I sleep, is because I thought that I would not be eating food, and I would be sleeping, so those 2 activities, I presume are cleansing. Can I take the FIBRIOD BUSTER at night, because they are cleansing herbs. I take the iron phosphate in the day.


    You're doing just fine, Beloved, with your regimen!



    I would suggest you eat salad and eat as much as necessary to stay full!

  • Q: My adrenals are shot, after I eat I get very tired, what herbs or supplements should I take to help that system?


    We suggest you try our Adrenal Glands Complex and Kidneys, Bladder, & Adrenals. Take 3 capsules of each formula daily. Avoid all stimulants, i.e. caffeine (coffee, wine, beer, chocolate, etc.).

  • Q: Good Morning, I heard about you on the Power XM radio Al Sharpton show. I'm 32yrs old I weigh 285lbs and my goal is to loose 125lbs (being realistic). My symptoms and habits are; Bowel movement once a week, headaches, lower backaches, acne, dry skin, eczema, achey joints, asthma and tired all the time! Because of my work schedule and being a single parent I do fast food 2 times a day almost everyday. My oldest daughter is 102lbs 8yrs old - bowel movements maybe twice a week and the youngest 5 yr old has headaches. HELP !!!!!!


    I strongly suggest you perform the FULL BODY DETOX, followed by the WEIGHT RELEASE CLEANSE AND REGIMEN, followed by the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE. Work on your diet! Eat more raw foods! Start your daughter off with the CHILDREN DETOX (liquid extracts) . Spend some time reading through our articles, Sir! Educate yourself!

  • Q: I had plastic Surgery a breast implant on JUNE 23 AND BY JULY 30 -They have to be removed proteases because I got and infection /bacteria called Mica -Fortuitism and the doctor gave me antibiotics name Levoflxacina 500 mg -1 per day, I have been taking them for the last 5 weeks. I was going to start the FULL BODY DETOX, the day that I have to go back for emergency to get my proteases out from both breast. Only one breast got the bacteria but I removed both. I really do not want to keep taking the antibiotic because I get tired and sleeping with. What do you advise me to do?


    Try our FULL BODY DETOX!

  • Q: I performed the FULL BODY DETOX a while ago and let you know how wonderful it made me feel!! I have chronic Fibromyalgia and am tired of taking the next med that should work. The detox helped with my ibs, sleeplessness and feelings of malaise but now that the weather is changing I am feeling run down because of the pain syndrome is there anything you can suggest?? I've been dealing with this for over 30 yrs. and the ONLY relive I've ever had from some of the symptoms has been when I did the detox. I really would love some help with the Fibromyalgia thank you


    I would suggest you perform the FULL BODY DETOX (FBD) again! I believe you will get much help if you change your diet to raw fruits and vegetables as much as possible and drink the DETOX TEA to keep your healing going on while you're not Detoxing. I have an article on "Fibromyalgia" coming out soon! Please stay tuned to Dherbs.Com! Good products: NERVES FORMULA, HEADACHE AND PAIN FORMULA, MSM SULFUR

  • Q: I am a 55 year old female. I have an overactive bladder. I am trying to control it myself, without medication. I have not tried herbs. I eat fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins (not beef or pork). I added back more meat proteins 1 1/2 years ago because I was becoming so tired and lacking energy. (I read The Schwartzbein Diet, which helped convince me to add more protein.) I don't eat much sugar, salt (only 500 mg./day) or hardly any processed foods. I drink water and licorice tea, because it makes me feel good. I believe in the power of positive thinking. Can you help me with this?


    The steps you are taking in your diet are a great start. Try going raw, and eliminating grains and meat altogether. You can get enough protein and healthy fats with avocado, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, almonds, brazil nuts, coconut. You can also add Vegan Protein Powder to smoothies.

    I also recommend you give our Full Body Cleanse a try to further detoxify your entire body. After detoxing, the ideal formula for you is our Kidneys Bladder-Adrenal formula.

  • Q: I'm finding everyday I'm tired and feel the need for a nap and lack energy , should I be taking something for energy and if so what ?


    We recommend doing the Full Body Cleanse to get your health into a better state and rejuvenate your bodies energy levels in general. We also suggest trying our Energy Formula and Brain Booster supplements.

  • Q: First, I want to thank you for your time the other evening. Your information was very informative and helpful. Next, I have a few questions pertaining to the detox and the other services you provide. 1. Will going from a traditional American diet to a raw food diet cause my body to become ill in the beginning or go into "shock" from all the good foods I'll be eating? If so, is there any way to ease in to this plan?

    A: While your body may experience a change as a result of the raw foods diet, you will not experience any adverse symptoms. Our products are 100% all-natural and only enhance your body.

  • Q: Is it okay to do the Full Body Detox, back to back? Also I am interested in how the detox uses the herbs to force the toxins out of our body. What is the process and how does it work by taking capsules?


    Yes, you can take back to back. Read our FAQ section! The FBD eliminates toxins via the eliminative organs (liver, kidneys, colon, etc.). Herbs in and toxins out!

  • Q: Thank you very much and you are right I do need to perform the FULL BODY DETOX and I am going to will the detox will it help my blood pressure go down and what do I do about the Meds I am on now I wrote you a while back my best friend was suffering from liver cancer he passed away 4/1/2008 and it really is a wakeup call for me I want to get my life in order I read everything I can on natural Meds I live in the IL. area do you know of any Doctors in my area I really love your web site it has a lot of good info on it I have passed it on to friend & family please keep up the great work you guys do and GOD bless you


    Unfortunately, I know of no doctors outside of California, my home state. Try contacting Karyn Calabrese. Do a Google search on her name and you should be able to get her contact info. She owns 2 restaurants in the Chicago area. She's an alternative health practitioner. I've been to her spot in Chicago.

  • Q: Hi Dherbs.com, I'm 17 and I'm from west Africa, I am Aquarius. I really like your medicine and advice, it reminds me of Africa! I have a heavy computer that I use for college, and it's about 3 Kgs. I also lost about 15 Kgs (65-50 kgs for 1.60m) in 1 year in Europe, and I would like to know what may cause it. my back really hurts, I try to be as healthy as possible, I'm turning vegan, I've stopped everything but dairy and, because it's everywhere and I don't have time to cook for myself every day. I also have problems at school, it's too hard to study, I always feel tired, and I've got problems with family, they want me to keep on studying things I don't like. How could you help me ? Thanks a lot and keep on doing your job, it's great!


    Back problems also have an emotional cause. Are you bending over backwards for somebody or something? Do you feel that your back is against the wall in some regard or matter? Turning vegan is a good idea and should really improve your health. Have you read our article "DANGEROUS DAIRY" Now as far as your family wanting you to do things you don't want to do, you need to follow your heart and do you. Always be true to yourself. It's the only way magic can happen or occur.

  • Q: Back in November 2007 I ate fish (grouper) at a restaurant and later that day I broke out in hives. I've never been allergic to fish before and I've never had hives before. Since that day I've had the hives (7 months), they come and go only because I have been controlling them somewhat now with "Xyzal" (antihistamine). I was given two separate rounds of prednisone (steroid) and I took weeks worth of benadryl. With the steroid I gained 10 lbs. Nothing helped until I started taking Xyzal. My question is I don't want to keep taking the antihistamine for the rest of my life to keep them away. I don't know what it was in the fish or maybe it just was a coincidence that it happened that very same day but I would like to know if there is anything you would suggest to help?


    You need to cleanse. Take a look at our Full Body Cleanse. You're body is telling you to cleanse.

  • Q: Your website is great, I will definitely detox in November. I am frustrated because it's so hard to get my family on the "healthy bandwagon", I am perceived as crazy because I would like to start a raw diet. How can I help my family before it's too late? Also I can't find the smart water link on your site please help? Thank You


    You can help your family by merely serving as the example of a healthy. Simply BE the change you desire to see in the world and others. JUST DO YOU! Your family member's have their own destiny and karma which is different from yours. Remember this! Every man for himself and God for all! We never had a smart water link on our site. Have you read our â€ALKALINE WATERâ€article? It's in the articles section on our site.

  • Q: Hello, I bought the parasite and Worm Kit and want to know how can I adapt the schedule for taking the capsules to my daughter's school schedule. She cannot take pills to workshop as she is handicapped and wouldn't know how to work the schedule. Is it possible to adapt the pill schedule to her workshop schedule which is leaving the house @ 7:30a.m to returning @ 4:00p.m. Thank you. It would really difficult to take her out of workshop for three weeks because of limited space they are firm about attendance. Please help!


    You are free to coordinate your own time schedule as far as taking the pills are concerned. Do what works best for you. There is no set time in which you must take the pills.