I’m SO TIRED of being TIRED! – Day 19

I’m SO TIRED of being TIRED! – Day 19



Day 19


Next to my last day on the detox and all is well. My morning and afternoon went well I’m on schedule with my herbs and I’m eating the proper foods for the detox. I’m in my last week of the detox and now is the time you start feeling like you can do this forever! You start feeling like you don’t want the detox to end. The detox makes you feel so great on the inside you want to prolong that feeling. By the late evening I started to feel real hunger. I haven’t felt this hungry since I started the detox. I feel like I could eat the wrong foods. I don’t have much raw food in my house. So I am downstairs in my kitchen searching for food to eat. Luckily, I found some little packets of nuts. Safe! I’m going to bed now. ( I HAVE TO SHUT IT DOWN BEFORE I CHEAT!)