I’m SO TIRED of being TIRED! – Day 20

I’m SO TIRED of being TIRED! – Day 20



Day 20


OK, today was another great day, I’m feeling great and I found a new “raw foods” restaurant to try out. I’m going this afternoon. I’m on schedule with my herbs. I made it to the place put in my order and everything was lovely (food wise). There is only one problem; I have gotten use to the detox foods. And I’m a little to scared to go back to my old way of eating. And at the same time I feel it might too hard for me to just eat raw food without the herbs. I’m a little mixed up right now but in the morning I’m sure I will be on the right track. I had a great detox experience. ( WHATEVER HAPPENS I AM GLAD THAT I WAS ABLE TO COMPLETE IT WAS WORTH EVERY CRAVING, FRUSTRATION, AND UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENT)