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I’m SO TIRED of being TIRED!

I’m SO TIRED of being TIRED! – Day 6

    Day 6   I had to go to a Birthday celebration (you know how this can be, BAD)! You’re sitting around a table with everyone staring at the foods you cannot have (SUCKS). Afterwards I went to a vegan restaurant for lunch but I ordered dinner. I’m getting a little food crazy now. My hunger is coming thru.  I’m still taking my detox capsules. I ordered the sauté chicken with brown…

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I’m SO TIRED of being TIRED! – Day 5

    Day 5 This morning I’m a little hungry, so I had 2 bananas and a fruit smoothie for breakfast ( UMMM GOOD). I’m taking the capsules on time ( NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS).  Its the afternoon, and I am craving peanuts. So I mixed a few peanuts in my trail mix. The trail mix held me till dinner. Dinnertime was great , a  salad and a fruit smoothie.   (5 DAYS DOWN…

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I’m SO TIRED of being TIRED! – Day 3

Day 3 I awake on day three and all is well.  I‘m off to another great start this morning. This afternoon, things are not going as well as the previous 2 days. My schedule is off for taking my herbs. I had problems at work. I have to make some unexpected trips back, and forth to and I left my detox pill case at the home. Now, I’m stuck in the streets with no detox capsules and no lunch. ( HELP)  I’m behind…

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