Keokuk McDaniel: Full Body Cleanse With Kay

Completed The Cleanse Completed The Cleanse

Completed The Cleanse

So, I haven’t posted in a while. I wanted to document the entire 20 day process, but of course life gets in the way sometimes. I’m extremely happy with the results of the cleanse. I no longer have breast pain the way I had before. Even during my cycle there was little to no breast tenderness. I have not suffered with my allergies the way I was. My wrist is no longer bothering as much as before unless I really exert it with work. I was so pleased that I’ve been recommending this to others. …

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Preparing Mentally To Start The Cleanse Preparing Mentally To Start The Cleanse

Preparing Mentally To Start The Cleanse

I ordered my cleanse this weekend. My order has been queued and is expected to arrive in 2 days. I’ve done Dherbs cleanses in the past, but this experience is going to be a lot different for me. I have been taking the Dherbs quizzes, educating myself more on the information they have available. I will also be embarking on some new fitness goals during this process and intend to follow the Full Body with several other cleanses because I want to give my body the best overall shot at optimal health in it’s late…

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Day 1 Day 1

Day 1

Today’s my first day. I wanted to start on Saturday but my fiancee decided to cook his famous red beans for Memorial Day on Sunday, so I decided to start today instead. I woke up a little late, so I just consumed the Blood & Lymphatic supplement on an empty stomach. I was impressed and happy that I didn’t have any negative side effects. I had absolutely no discomfort in my stomach. That’s not common for me, as I have taken other supplements in the past and if I didn’t eat enough, my stomach would…

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Day 2 Day 2

Day 2

Overall Day 1 was a success. I didn’t consume as much food as I’d like to but I was able to stick to the raw diet. I did try the Zucchini Noodles in Avocado Sauce. Honestly, it was okay (doable). I’m thinking of trying the Carrot Noodles in Tahini Sauce today. I felt really good most of the day! Prior to Day 1 I started to feel a little sinus sick. I did not take any Alka Seltzer as usual because I was starting this cleanse. Surprisingly, today my sore throat feels a lot better…

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FBC Has Arrived FBC Has Arrived

FBC Has Arrived

My Full Body Cleanse arrived yesterday evening. I am still in preparation mentally and obtaining the groceries that I need to do this cleanse the proper way this time. I believe this will be my 3rd time doing the cleanse. However, I’ve never completed it properly (missing days, etc.) and I’ve never changed my diet to a raw food diet while doing the cleanse. My concerns and focus for this cleanse this time is really to give my body all that it needs to function properly. I’m in my late 30s, having more discomfort than…

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Grocery Shopping Pre Cleanse Grocery Shopping Pre Cleanse

Grocery Shopping Pre Cleanse

So, I received my FBC yesterday. I intend to start this weekend once I receive my Amazon order and make my way to the local farmer’s market. So far I’ve spent approximately $150 which is not too bad. These things I won’t have to repurchase for a while. Here’s what my Amazon grocery list consisted of: 2.5 lb Organic Chia Seeds2 lb Organic Shredded Coconut Unsweetened2 lb Organic Cacao Cocoa Nibs2 lb Organic Cocoa Powder16 oz Organic Sesami Tahini32 oz Grade A Maple Syrup, Amber Color4 oz Simply Organic Vanilla Flavoring (non-alcoholic)18…

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