Day 1

Today’s my first day. I wanted to start on Saturday but my fiancee decided to cook his famous red beans for Memorial Day on Sunday, so I decided to start today instead.

I woke up a little late, so I just consumed the Blood & Lymphatic supplement on an empty stomach. I was impressed and happy that I didn’t have any negative side effects. I had absolutely no discomfort in my stomach. That’s not common for me, as I have taken other supplements in the past and if I didn’t eat enough, my stomach would be upset.

I’m super hungry, but I’m determined to do this properly this time. I just started soaking my almonds so I won’t be making any smoothies or smoothie bowls today. So far I’ve only had a bowl of fresh fruit and a few hours after consuming that I had a banana. I’ve decided that later today once I grab some cilantro that I’ll be trying the Zucchini Noodles in an Avocado Sauce and the Refreshing Raw Strawberry Mango Salsa for the first time. I’ll definitely be rating those once I’ve tried them.

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