Day 2

Overall Day 1 was a success. I didn’t consume as much food as I’d like to but I was able to stick to the raw diet. I did try the Zucchini Noodles in Avocado Sauce. Honestly, it was okay (doable). I’m thinking of trying the Carrot Noodles in Tahini Sauce today.

I felt really good most of the day! Prior to Day 1 I started to feel a little sinus sick. I did not take any Alka Seltzer as usual because I was starting this cleanse. Surprisingly, today my sore throat feels a lot better and my nose is no longer stopped up on one side. I did experience some light headiness and weakness yesterday after soaking for 20 minutes in a clay bath. I do believe it was due to me having to defecate. After doing so, I felt absolutely fine. The only other adverse effect for me was that I slept a lot longer and didn’t get to enjoy much of my off day.



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