FBC Has Arrived

My Full Body Cleanse arrived yesterday evening. I am still in preparation mentally and obtaining the groceries that I need to do this cleanse the proper way this time. I believe this will be my 3rd time doing the cleanse. However, I’ve never completed it properly (missing days, etc.) and I’ve never changed my diet to a raw food diet while doing the cleanse.

My concerns and focus for this cleanse this time is really to give my body all that it needs to function properly. I’m in my late 30s, having more discomfort than ever in my breast around my cycle, I’m more fatigued than I used to be, and after workouts I’m a lot more sore than previous years. I do notice that my breast bother me a lot more when there’s more soda in my diet. As I’m getting older, I’m noticing that my body is requiring me to do things differently to stay balanced and to perform optimally. I’m hoping this is what it’s been looking for.



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