Day 1

I awakened this morning feeling excited about starting the detox. I’m a curious person and luvv exploring ways to feel young and alive, but it’s weird knowing that I’d only be eating raw foods and nuts! As I looked around our home and saw the clutter and extra “stuff” that I’ve been wanting to shed for some time, I felt hope! My gut sense is that I will finally find the focus to clean out and eliminate the old, both inside and outside, as I focus on this detox. Yehaw!!

The day has been fine. I’m living in the bathroom as a result of drinking so much water. I’m not hungry for anything I can’t eat, which surprises me, and it makes me wonder this, “How often do I eat because I think I’m hungry when I’m actually thirsty?” Hmmm…..I will continue to look at that. I’m getting ready to go luxuriate in a bath.