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Looking Good For The Summer

This blog is about Brenda J. getting to her summer goal of looking good and being healthy.

Looking Good For The Summer – Day 20

Day #20 Today is my last day on the cleanse! Hallelujah! Tomorrow I can eat and drink whatever I want! I can’t wait to have something warm to eat! Taking on the challenge of the cleanse has shown me a different way of eating and a different way of living. Going forward I plan to add more vegetables and fruit into my diet and limit the meat and processed foods. I see now that I don’t need as much food as I thought. I plan to limit the quantity of food I eat as well….

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Looking Good For The Summer – Day 19

Day #19 I spoke to a lady today who is considering the cleanse. She is really scared to do it, yet she knows she needs to do it for her health. I think that sharing my cleanse experience with her helped her to see she really has nothing to be afraid of and everything to gain. Tomorrow will be my last day of the cleanse. I feel great! I have made it through this far without falling off the wagon. I wasn’t sure at times if I could or not and now that I am…

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Looking Good For The Summer – Day 18

Day #18 Temptation is everywhere! The aromas from my co-workers lunch is so tantalizing, but I just stuck to my all green smoothie. Pizza was being served during the Miami/Oklahoma City basketball game. Oh boy! I really wanted a slice! I almost reached for it when Calvin said “no, you have come this far and you only have a few days left, you can do it!” I went to the car and got my orange to eat during halftime.

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Looking Good For The Summer – Day 17

Day #17 I researched and found several raw restaurants in Santa Monica. I stopped at one on the way home and picked up Raw Lasagna and Raw Kale Nachos. I was in heaven! Something I can eat while on the cleanse that had some spice and flavor! I am burned out on salads and finding these restaurants was a great find! I have three more days to complete the cleanse and knowing I have some other food options will help me make it through to the end with no problem.

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Looking Good For The Summer – Day 16

Day #16 Today was a good day. Brunch after church was at a salad bar where I could choose my own ingredients and create a raw salad and then have fruit for dessert. It was easy to maintain the diet. While watching the basketball game with Miami and Oklahoma City, I ate a bowl of fruit and then some raw walnuts I had in my purse. I was able to stick to my diet with no problem. Everyone else was eating chili bowls with rice and bread and bbq ribs. I looked at what was…

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Looking Good For The Summer – Day 15

Day #15 I attended a Birthday party at Joe’s Crab Shack. Seafood is one of my favorites! I ordered a salad minus the meat, minus the dressing to eat while everyone else had shrimp, crab legs and several varieties of fish. A major test of my willpower! At the end of the meal they were all sighing and complaining about how full they were and how uncomfortable they felt. I felt satisfied and ready to go for the next event. My lunch wasn’t weighing me down! I was off schedule all day with taking the…

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Looking Good For The Summer – Day 13

Day #13 I woke up with two zits on my nose. I guess some of the toxins in my body are exiting that way. :( Someone’s sausage cooking sure smells good! I kept on walking toward the office, daydreaming about how good it smells and how good a lot of foods smell that aren’t good for you. I am sick and tired of this cleanse! I want it to be over! This whole thing is getting on my nerves! What can I eat ?? I want something warm instead of cold vegetables and fruits!

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Looking Good For The Summer – Day 12

Day #12 I had a wonderful day! I spoke to several people who were contemplating the cleanse and shared my experiences with them. I think they were relieved when all their concerns were answered. In the evening I went to a Jazz event where they served coffee and cake during intermission. My friend Kathy who was doing concession went to the back and brought out a sliced mango for me. It was so sweet and juicy! Everyone wanted to know where I got it. She knew I was cleansing and thought about me when she…

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Looking Good For The Summer – Day 11

Day #11 I ate some raw almonds this morning and I am having some stomach pains. I walked on my lunch hour, drank some water and that helped. I also drank a green smoothie for my meal. I made it through watching the Miami/Oklahoma City game without cheating. The onion rings were smellin’ good! I wondered if I just ate one…? But I didn’t. My friend Nicole complimented me on my discipline for sticking with the cleanse. She said she couldn’t do it at all. Will power!!

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