Looking Good For The Summer – Day 5

Today a lady asked about eating on a cleanse. She asked for recommendations on what to eat?? I told her about big salads and munching on raw vegetables, nuts and seeds throughout the day. She had been drinking smoothies for 3 days and wanted something else to eat. I was able to share my experience with her and she felt better.

I feel like my sense of smell is heightened. I smell something burning and it’s not in my apartment. My windows are closed and have been all day.

I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up I had chills. The room temperature was probably 74 or 75 degrees. My body seems to be going through something right now.

Sometimes I feel a tingling sensation in my feet and legs. I felt it on Day #1 when I first took the capsules but I didn’t think too much about it then.

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