Loretta Cox: A New Me:Time for a Change

Still going

So far everything is going just as planned. I have lost a total of 25 lbs, 10 on my own and another 15 with the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse. It is time for the beach but I want to do the Full Body Cleanse one more time before I go to the beach and put on a swimsuit for the first time in years. Im excited about what I see and the results im getting so see you soon with my after photo.

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My New Beginning

Good Afternoon FBC Bloggers.  At the beginning of March, I started a 90 day challenge with my family across America via Facebook in an effort to help everyone get healthy. After my first month, I dropped 16 lbs. through working out 6 days a week and eating properly. I’ve always wanted to do a total body cleanse and have always heard them advertising this product on the Steve Harvey Morning Show and decided that since I had so much success after my first month, I wanted to continue to have great success. I decided to pause my challenge and do…

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