My New Beginning

Good Afternoon FBC Bloggers.  At the beginning of March, I started a 90 day challenge with my family across America via Facebook in an effort to help everyone get healthy. After my first month, I dropped 16 lbs. through working out 6 days a week and eating properly. I’ve always wanted to do a total body cleanse and have always heard them advertising this product on the Steve Harvey Morning Show and decided that since I had so much success after my first month, I wanted to continue to have great success. I decided to pause my challenge and do the 20 day FBC just to ensure my body was tuned up for the remaining 60 days.  I still workout everyday while cleansing and I can’t tell you how much energy I have when doing so. I want to take people on this journey with me so that they can see that regular people do struggle with weight but can safely take it off with some hard work and determination. I always tell people I meet that you didn’t gain the weight overnight so it’s not going to come off overnight. You have to have patience and do it the right way and stay away from diet fads. God Bless to all who are embarking on this journey and good luck