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Mrsblak’s FBC journey

Completed Program

I completed the cleanse and here are my results: Lost: 12 pounds & inches Gained: Energy, clarity, clear skin; an understanding of what helps my body to reach its “best self”. I am continuing this quest (ordered products to aid with weight release and to keep my metabolism up) paid for additional boot camp classes and taking the knowledge that I received from the Full Body Cleanse using it to get in the best health for myself.

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Day 18 – 20

Finish strong and enjoy the ride – that’s my mindset. I had an amazing full body massage yesterday made the fat burn juicer to complete my day. Today I’m letting go because my follow-up plan is already in place making my purchases today I also have a colonic scheduled for this Tuesday – I’m working my plan to reach my ultimate goal. I’ll do my total tomorrow

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Day 15

On my last stretch, Ready to be over I’m not one to take pills everyday so it’s become a drag lol. I’ve gained so much thus far; eating habits are the best, skin is very clear, lost inches and pounds and better energy for the day. I also love taking the sea salt and oil bathes at the end of the day.

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Day 13 – 14

Weekend was good, I got in a few workouts and weight is going down. I’m getting a little concerned about bowel movements they were happening everyday, a few times a day. I think its due to my juicing all of my meals. I’m having a salad for dinner tonight and incorporating them back into my meal plans for the last 6 days. No nuts for me; they hinder my progress, lol. I posted on my other blog that I was putting my head back in the game meaning – I’m going to push myself for the duration of this…

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Day 12

I’m down to 202 pounds, just happy to be back on track! I’m keeping my workouts to cardio and 1 day of boot camp. I’ve found that I’m not really hungry but making sure I eat. On a TMI note, my bowels aren’t going like in the beginning – but I’m peeing a lot. I’ve experienced a few stomach cramps; wondering if I should be drinking more fluids or eating a salad a day instead of juicing all my meals. I’ll make a few adjustments to see if it helps. I’m getting a deep tissue massage next…

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Day 11

After having a great consultation with a Dherbs representative and a good talk with myself – I’m going to finish this program strong. I must say the rep gave me some good advice, answer my questions & concerns and encouraged me to continue. Got on the scale this morning – 1 pound gone – I’m back losing! I took away the nuts because I can’t just have a few – realized I was eating way to many of those lol. I learned that I can do the distilled water all the way through (don’t…

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Day 10

I’m at the halfway mark with mixed feelings about the continuing. I feel my commitment to the program failing; simple put I want to eat regular food. Don’t get me wrong; this program delivers on what it can do – clearer skin, more energetic and weight loss. I just want something to eat besides raw foods. I think I’ll continue the program because I haven’t reached the goal I set for myself – under 200pds and I want to know that I can accomplish this for my own health.

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Day 8

I are regular food last evening – it wasn’t planned I really don’t know why, but I did. I think I was just starving after my boot camp class and I caved because I wasn’t prepared foodwise. I got up this morning determined to see this process to the end. Taking my pills,eating the right foods, and making good choices. Back in the game!!!!

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