Day 2

Day 2

I made it through the first day! It wasn’t bad at all. I had dinner late because I was out and didn’t want to chance eating something that wasn’t on the list. Even then I wasn’t too hungry, but I realize if I don’t eat something, I’m really starving in the morning.

I had a very mild headache this morning but nothing that couldn’t be managed. Didn’t work out yesterday as I had planned; spent time with one of my daughters and the grandbaby which was way better and we walked the mall twice.

Got on the scale this morning out of curiosity 4 pound difference – shocked me but I’ve got 18 days to go.

ps… I took a hot bath with sea salt & tea tree oil – it was very relaxing but I also was pleased with the impurities that came out of my body so much so I got up this morning and took another one – same results.

Every little bit helps!

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