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Mikaa Wilkins: I give up, because of DHerbs!!

Im a stripper!!

I have completed my 20 day full body cleanse with no cheats and no sugary treats!! Im officially a stripper. Thats right!! I have stripped down 15 lbs., I have stripped the toxins from my body, I have stripped emotional eating from my meal plan, I have stripped the abuse of Dr. Pepper, I have stripped my running shoes from my closet & I have stripped junk food from my pantry! Now, my husband can officially say Hes in love with a Stripper!!  This has been one of the greatest life changing experiences for me. I am comfortable…

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Fried Chicken Please…

It is day 13 for me, and I am craving Popeyes Fried Chicken. Why does this bother me, because I didnt eat Popeyes prior to starting DHerbs? Well the answer is obvious, my taste buds are obviously going through PMS, LOL!!! Feeling weak and craving foods Ive never liked before, I decided to blog about my cravings. This allows me to hold myself accountable to my 20 day dedication. I open DHerbs.com home page and there it was – God!!!! Well maybe it was not God himself, but it was definitely a sign. Staring me in my face was…

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Close of Day 7

Oh My Goodness!!! I am closing out day 7 with 10lbs down!!!! I feel amazing. I am full of energy, I cleaned and reorganized my ENTIRE dressing room this past weekend which took nearly 10 hours!! My husband grilled pork chops and burgers Friday evening for him and the kids & I did not fall victim! I am so very proud of myself. I have promoted the Full Body Cleanse to everyone who has noticed a difference in my lifestyle change! I went in to see my stylist today and she and I both noticed the growth in my…

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Not a great day :-(

As I come to the close of day 4, I must say this has been my worse thus far. I experienced several moods today. I was sluggish and weak before noon and easily agitated in the afternoon. This evening, I was happy as could be! Today, I was hungry for real food, especially sweets. While restocking on fruit, there was a display of freshly baked cinnamon rolls on sale. Today I craved for food of my past. I felt low on energy and wanted a quick pick me up!! Then I started to realize why folks complain about eating…

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I’m falling in love with someone…

Here I am, coming to the close of day 3. I am doing THIS and there ain’t no 1/2 steppin! I mean, I am following the rules, I am on time with my capsules, I am on a raw food regimen and I am not cheating!! Each day I find something new about myself. I woke up angry this morning after finding out my son packed some of my fruit to take to school with him. It was then, I sat on the side of my bed, closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths, centered my energy and released it….

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Morning of Day 3

Its the morning of day 3 and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised at my dedication to the Dherbs program. I stepped on the scale to find I am 7lbs DOWN! This is the encouragement I needed to continue on this journey. God has given me the amazing strength to bypass my biggest weaknesses, SUGAR & CARBS! I have not endured any real hunger as I am able to eat as many fruit and veggies as desired. I have NEVER eaten tomatoes, since vegetables were never on my A list! Ive found them easy to eat and…

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Day 1 completed

I have just finished my charcoal water and approached the closing of day 1. I must say, this was not as bad as I expected. My first time feeling hungry was at 9pm and it was satisfied with a hand full of pumpkin seeds. If I could do anything differently, it would be ordering the liquid cleanse instead of the capsules. The capsules seem to be hard to swallow during the first and last dose. I am excited to feel like what should have been the hardest day, is now over. Goodnight!

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Today is my first day of the 20day full body cleanse. Just like many of you, I debated whether or not to commit to the product. One thing I was committed to was at least 3 double cheeseburgers/week from McDonalds!! Those have been my weakness for a very long time. I have gone through a series of unfortunate events throughout the summer, one of which includes resigning from my very well paid career. Therefore, I was not sure if DHerbs would fit into my budget as of now. With my stress levels  & weight going up – my checking account…

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