Today is my first day of the 20 day full body cleanse. Just like many of you, I debated whether or not to commit to the product. One thing I was committed to was at least 3 double cheeseburgers/week from McDonald’s!! Those have been my weakness for a very long time. I have gone through a series of unfortunate events throughout the summer, one of which includes resigning from my very well paid career. Therefore, I was not sure if Dherbs would fit into my budget as of now. With my stress levels  & weight going up – my checking account & energy going down, I decided that NOW WAS THE TIME! So, today I start a new journey. I give up McDonald’s, I give up sweets, I give up artificial flavors, I give up dirty eating & most of all I TAKE BACK my life.

I look forward to what this journey has to offer and I am dedicating myself to blogging daily about my moods and results as an effort towards accountability.