I’m falling in love with someone…

Here I am, coming to the close of day 3. I am doing THIS and there ain’t no 1/2 steppin! I mean, I am following the rules, I am on time with my capsules, I am on a raw food regimen and I am not cheating!! Each day I find something new about myself. I woke up angry this morning after finding out my son packed some of my fruit to take to school with him. It was then, I sat on the side of my bed, closed my eyes, took a few deep breaths, centered my energy and released it. I realized its just fruit, I can buy more. So, I learned to pick my battles in effort to remain focused.

Today, my wedding ring was twirling around my finger, that is definitely a sign that something is wasting away, right? Tonight I ran a hot bath with my iPhone in hand, as usual. This is the time I usually catch up on the world, ie: facebook, Twitter, Instagram. However, something was different about tonight. I put my phone on the charger and decided to step in the bath tub & catch up on me. I focused on my day and the fact I am proud of my accomplishments with DHerbs thus far. I worked on relaxation and breathing, somewhat of a meditation. Then thats when I realized, I am falling in love with someone and her name is Mikaa.