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Mona’s Detox Diary

Enlighten people about the importance of detoxing.

Mona’s Quest Continues – Day 20

  Day 20 Heavy work out day! I really gave it all that I had and did the stairs 5 times.  Wow.  Don’t feel like eating that junk on a day like that.  I will rest a while and go into a new challenge. I really am grateful for so many things.  But I do stumble and have to pick my self up.  It can be frustrating and very discouraging for me at times when I slip.  But I know the power of health and mental healing.  I also know the power of…

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Mona’s Quest Continues – Day 19

  Day 19 Great day of working out and getting myself together! I’m focusing on the good and not lingering on the bad. I always feel so much better doing the right thing and especially eating clean. I focused more on smoothies and enjoying my fruits. I jumped on doing my food plan before I had a change of mental strength. It is so much easier with my plan in place!

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Mona’s Quest Continues – Day 18

Day  18 I did much better today although I have to be honest and say that I ate crackers with my salad. I feel okay physically, but the mental disappointment is really a drag. I can tell alot of things change when I disappoint myself, not to mention, disappointing others. I have my final two days to work through and I’m determined to making the proper changes for myself. Maybe a small break after this 3rd detox is over would be good for me… but I will still stick to a vegan diet as I love beans….

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Mona’s Quest Continues – Day 17

  Day  17 Want to go full force back on track! My mind is wondering about so many things… Maybe because of the way I look, I have fooled myself into thinking that it is okay to eat poorly?! Is that the craziest thinking or what? Eating poorly makes me look poorly! I have the weekend to go through and get my workouts on through that time as well. I just want to hide. Hide where though? I cannot hide from myself. I know better than this. I also have been extremely busy…

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Mona’s Quest Continues – Day 16

  Day  16 Wow can you believe all the wonderful and great things I have done since beginning my detox?! I have worked out with a trainer that has brought me to the steps of life and endurance! And then… guess what has happened? I have had a MELTDOWN… Don’t ask me why… or… PLEASE ask me why! I know that accountability is a must for me. I have tasted the forbidden fruit and could not stop myself. All the good things have gotten even better and yet I have subjected myself to this. I…

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Mona’s Quest Continues – Day 15

  Day  15 I cannot believe that I have gained 2 pounds!  I have been in a tailspin… Where did that come from?  I honestly feel like…  why be good? These workouts are no joke and I have been giving it  all that I have!  Where did the weight come from? I have lost so much weight already and I don’t want to spoil things for myself, but I feel discouraged…  What is going on? Will talk to my trainer in depth………

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Mona’s Quest Continues – Day 12

  Day  12 Yesterday was fun and informative! There were so many ways to learn and it was full of people who eat like me! I bought natural products and had a great smoothie, like I have never had before! I am still on my plan and feeling great! Later we are going out to dinner again and that so far is okay. Don’t need to keep tempting myself though. I have my menu plan in my head and that is helpful. Also my family encouragement and disbelief are encouraging too. It has been very…

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Mona’s Quest Continues – Day 11

  Day  11 Day 11 is here! Yesterday I did not do anything that would hinder my success. When we went out to eat I had a huge salad. The waiter couldn’t believe that was all that I wanted and kept on asking me if I wanted anything else. My family was impressed, but I am so much into the routine of things that it really did not bother me. I walked up and down the stairs at the hotel and used that as my exercise. We are leaving pretty early for the festival and…

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