Day 20

Day 20

February 23, 2009

Hello everybody! Samantha here with my last and final update on my Detox regimen. As you all know today was my last day on the Detox. For the most part I am relieved to know that I can make it through to the end, even though I had a lot of temptations along the way. From peer pressure to coming in contact with some of my favorite foods, I had no clue that I could make it to the end.

I would like to say thank you to all those who wrote in and left encouraging words for me and thank you for your support.

Today I spent my last day at work, I didn’t eat today; in fact I didn’t eat until I got off from work at a vegan and raw food restaurant in Santa Monica, Ca called Juliano’s. The food was good and my friends and I enjoyed it; that was a great way to end my Detox, surrounded by friends.

Then later on we went dancing, they decided they wanted to drink, but since I’m still Detoxing that automatically made me the designated driver. I didn’t mind; I still had fun without the alcohol.

Later on that night I drove my friends home and then I went home and took one of the longest showers ever and now I’m preparing for bed. I’m about to take my last bit of activated charcoal in my alkaline water for the last time. You know the way I say it, it kind of sounds a little depressing almost like I’m going to miss doing this or something, maybe not or maybe just a little bit. I did learn a few things while I was on the Detox, (1) the food that I was eating before the Detox was no good and it didn’t make me feel as good as the food on the Detox, (2) Change doesn’t happen over night, (3) nothing worth having comes easy, and (4) I’m a lot stronger then I thought I was. So with that being said, Thank you and good luck to all on your Detox. 




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