Mona’s Detox – Day 1

Mona’s Detox – Day 1



Day 1

Today is my day to do the right thing!

Just returned home and stopped off for a smoothie at Whole Foods. Today is day one on my detox. I feel ready and look forward to eating healthy and making better choices. I have taken my first round of herbs and will play catch up as I am behind already by 2 missed times. I am feeling tired and want to feel and look better.

My health is the real concern here, not my usual vanity issue. I have had a group of health concerns and want my true wealth in my health! Diabetes, glaucoma, high blood pressure, overweight by 85 pounds are my issues. All caused by the face to the fork epidemic! And the wrong things on the end of the fork. Now I have been encouraged to do better and supported by my son and daughter in law, they invested in me for the detox program. They said here, do this for you and we will reap the results of your living life in a full healthy and loving way too. How could I let myself down?

So, here I am feeling encouraged and inspired to take control of my health, instead of having all these issues control me. I have bought carrots, brocolli, spinach, baby lettuce greens, and tomatoes. So far, I have been on the carrots and they taste divine. My kids told me no granola, wasn’t too happy about that, but life is good. My youngest son even offered to make pancakes, and I said no, none for me! Didn’t feel deprived or anything, just cared for.

I made dinner for my family and ate my big salad before they ate, and that was a very good idea. I will then go to bed early, sometimes just taking care of myself by resting helps for the next day. Love having my older son and daughter in laws structured loving support. They came by to check in on me. I can be tricky at times. They also encouraged me to write to put down what I am going through day by day. I will do that………..

Good night ME

Love you, you did good today………….