Mona’s Detox – Day 11

Mona’s Detox – Day 11

What a glorious day I am having. The world does open up when you are clear and are not weighed down by toxins.

My wonderful daughter in law spent this morning talking to me about raw foods and my issue of thinking about toxic foods. Knowledge is power. Knowing who to talk to and getting solid information is crucial. She told me to read!

Read the information on raw food, what foods do to you and the results of optimum health. I have been encouraged! I feel so energetic today. I have made my way to day ll! Now some of my attention needs to be focused on my meal plan once I am moving towards steamed or cooked foods. I really want to stay as raw as possible. Having more variety will surely be a plus, and it is also exciting to add new and different foods. Sometimes I can become bored eating the same things that I have on hand.

Visiting the co-ops, and whole food markets, seem to inspire a few more days of commitment. Just sometimes need to stay in the moment and not overwhelm my self with what is ahead.

It seems that my cravings are not as strong as I thought they would be. Funny how some of the taste for that junk is whirling around in my mind at times, with 11 days of detox.

But, thank God for the blessing of recharged and renewed hope, direction and focus……………………………..




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