Mona’s Detox – Day 13

Mona’s Detox – Day 13

What a great day.  I woke up to go out with a very special adopted daughter and her mom.  Boy did we have a blast!  We always have such fun laughing and being creative.  The thing now is that I take my thoughts and creative discussions to the next level to development.  We ran around in the morning and for some reason I wanted some coffee.  I drank about  2 ounces and was okay with that.  Not needing to continue or think about it anymore.  But I do think it had me a bit buzzed.

The herbs seem to make things and food choices go with so much more ease.  Not the mental confusion and double mindedness I use to feel.  It lets me know that additives and dead foods are such a mental and physical killer.  I am becoming aware of how after completing the cleanse I will really have to keep this attitude of food choices.  What will I eat, making meal plans for the family and keeping the commitment.

I usually can do well on a program, and then let loose, I can get into trouble.  So I recognize I need to be accountable…to MYSELF……………. 




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