Mona’s Detox – Day 14

Mona’s Detox – Day 14



Day 14

Today, was hot!  And God knows how glad I am this fat is leaving my body along with the toxic way of eating.  I usually have a difficult time when it is hot, but I didn’t have the usual sluggish and lethargic ways.


Today is day 14!  I did find a wonderful liquid amino acid that really has satisfied my taste buds.  I put it on my salad, made raw guacamole dip for my veggies and it tastes like something I shouldn’t have.  As I said before, I had become a bit bored with my selections and this is great.


I have noticed a different fit in my clothes and shoes.  But just so thankful for the wonderful way I feel.  I was up last night until 10:30 pm.  I usually go to bed at around 8pm, and that is sometimes pushing it.  But my oldest children were over and they are such an inspiration to me.  I was alert and present with them.  My daughter shared such a wonderful project with me she is working on and I felt my ideas were running over for her.


The clarity of mind is wonderful.  I feel great.  I felt like exercising at 9pm last night.  But went to bed and will take a look at my exercise program expansion.  What a wonderful day, it seems I also am attracting the people, things and experiences I desire………………..