Mona’s Detox – Day 18

Mona’s Detox – Day 18

Today is getting closer to the weekend. Looking forward to the many activities I have planned.

I feel energized today and cut out a fruit I thought maybe was a bit more concentrated in sugar than I needed. To my surprise, I have been feeling better the last few days since not eating it. Listening to my body talk to me is the key here. Even when it says ‘let’s eat junk‘. That tells me something is going on that I need to address in my life.

Foods even smell differently to me. I also eat a lot less nuts. I have watched myself change eating habits on many things. Raw is still a must, but I have used MORE salads than nuts lately. Maybe a few nuts per day, not like when I first started. I needed the nuts as a staple in each meal!

What a blessing to want a better lifestyle for myself. Not to be last anymore. I have also found so many more things that help bring variety in my meals that are raw and healthy. Sunflower seeds raw of course, are a great snack for me in moments when I feel more is needed.

Tonight I have a meeting where they always serve food. Thank God, I want fruit and don’t obsess about what I would eat. Simple and healthy. I can enjoy the meeting not just looking forward to what they will be serving!

……………called self care, my dear self.




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