Mona’s Detox – Day 2

Mona’s Detox – Day 2

I made it through day one!

I woke up much easier and sprung into my day. I had a busy morning and caught up on my herbs after 10 am. I did not realize until later that I did not have coffee. But I have not even missed it. I went shopping at Trader Joe’s for raw food and found some of the items I like. Will go to Whole Foods and the Coop later on this week.

I found as the day went on that the nuts seem to hold me over much better. I made a salad of broccoli, baby greens. green onions, and lemon juice dressing. Believe it, I was full and could not eat it all. My son and daughter in law told me to eat until my hearts content on raw vegetables. Maybe, that is what made me full, I didn’t have to cheat! lol I had great support in them– the genius I raised, was now raising me!

Thank God for my blessings. I truly have not been hungry. Went to bed a bit later than I wanted to and feel tired already at 8:30 pm Signing off………..




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