Mona’s Detox – Day 20

Mona’s Detox – Day 20




Day 20

Can you believe that today of all days I am having a meltdown?!

I wanted to eat like nobody’s business.  What is all the hunger about today?  I even got a little snappy at my husband.  Maybe the thought of having my daughter in laws gourmet meal of beans, brown rice and fresh guacamole was giving me a rush.  All I could do today was think about eating something warm.

I felt amazing though!  I felt so clear and energized.  One of my best moments, was telling myself to keep going and not to eat the cooked food tomorrow.  I really did have the commitment to endure another 10 days at least.  And honestly, after my watermelon, I calmed down considerably.  Then I would get into this ..’you have done so well, what’s bad about eating a warm vegan meal?’  The mind..what a terrible thing to waste.

I called my daughter in law, and told her I was having a meltdown, and she said NO, eating is for Sunday, not today, you are doing so well and looking better.  I told her okay, but it was too early to go to bed, so I need to figure out something else to do until Sunday! lol!

One of the great things about my 20 days is I didn’t feel tempted to eat what I cooked for my family.  Strange but true.  Now, comes the real work.  Planning and eating on a consistent basis what I know is good and healthy for ME.

I do feel like a million or should I say billion!  God Bless……………