Mona’s Detox – Day 3

Mona’s Detox – Day 3

Today got off to a busy start. I couldn’t take my herbs for the first two designated times. But, I did prevail! I took my 1st dose at 11 and second at 12 and my 12 dose at 1pm.

I want to be successful. I want to take care of myself. And this seems to be a lot less stressful than I thought it would be. My older children are so supportive. They brought me more raw nuts today and have encouraged me in such a divine way. I am so blessed to have such wonderful sons and daughter in law and to be daughter in law.

Well, I have five sons ages 13 to 33 yrs. And their biggest concern is my health! About 2 years ago I had a surgery and that was following a series of blood transfusions. I knew then and I know now, that my health is my wealth. I have got to take on a caring and loving role for my self. I want to live a healthy life that is alive with feeling, mission and purpose and good will. Can’t do that sick and fat! I can see my face lessen from the puffy bloated look too.

I did not sleep as well as I have been the last two nights. I was a bit concerned about a test I had this morning at the hospital. But all is well and I am soooo sleepy today. Will take a break and be in bed by 7pm. Thank goodness I had cooked for my husband, which means leftovers for his dinner. He has not claimed RAW yet! lol

But I feel tired and it is a good thing, because I know your body sometimes needs more rest while it detoxes. I read more labels now. And it is so encouraging to hear my self say no dairy, no meat, etc. I have consciously made a choice.