Mona’s Detox – Day 4

Mona’s Detox – Day 4

Wow, today is already Thursday! My fourth day on the detox and I feel good. I finally seem to sleep so much more peacefully and much more at length. I have taken my first two am herbs and reach more for good eats without thinking. I really have not even felt the coffee cravings I diligently had. I was a true coffee drinker. My coffee had to have regular coffee and a espresso shot on all my ordinary days.

Today for some reason I really feel the need to talk about my food addictions. I am not a writer or anything and please excuse my ramblings, but I really feel that the herbs have taken away so much of the cravings. Sugar, potatoes, heavy comfort foods were my thing. Well, not too much was not my thing. But, I have not had the cravings for these foods so far this week. I have maybe had too many raw nuts, but I feel I want to encourage my self in all the right ways and not perfection in portions, if that is what it takes this week.

Carrots on my first two days were essential. I loved the crunch and the cool crispy taste of the carrots. Today, I have not wanted so many nuts, but seem to want certain fruits and greens. It is so amazing to see my family eating my foods too. I like it but have felt a bit selfish in wanting to make sure I take care of myself, especially while they are still eating all that bread and meat! But, Mom and Wife always need to set a good example.

I feel more calm and willing to stay in my present self, without always thinking forward to my next task. It really feels good to take care of me. What things I am looking forward to in this detox. Mind, Body and Spirit will go from caterpillar to butterfly. God Bless Me today!