Mona’s Detox – Day 5

Mona’s Detox – Day 5

Wow, today I have been up a bit later than usual, its now 9:34 pm. My energy is increasing every day and I feel so much less toxic. And again, with that a sense of calm and well being.

Why do I feel the need to almost hold my breath when I take the charcoal? It does not have a smell or taste. What’s up with that! But what a sense of accomplishment and inspiration to have made it 5 days! I have not eaten as many nuts as I did in the beginning and that is much better on my system. I have not usually enjoyed water, but I seem to be going through my gallon with so much more ease this week. Maybe it’s the distilled water instead of the purified water I was use to drinking.

I look forward to adding avocados to my raw salads and feel adding special foods along the way is motivating to me. I still have been cooking for my family and today was no different. I made dinner and rather enjoyed making my kind of salad for them with all my vegetables and spinach greens.

One of my other accomplishments this coming week is to be mindful of food combining. I want to really give my digestive system a break and make food in a way that maintains health, not just tastes good, although it does taste good when your palate is cleansing and eating live foods.

Timing in life is good for another reason, as I make this journey to health and healing. I have a garden which grows fresh butter lettuce, green onions, and spinach. What a blessing! I have some wonderful guys who planted this garden and maintain it with such pride. Now I can really enjoy the live food in its best and freshest form. Organic to the bone! And my wonderful avocado tree! It is amazing how you don’t consciously appreciate or acknowledge what you may when toxic. I thought I appreciated and showed gratitude for these blessings, but my mind is so much more in awake appreciation. Again, present in time.

Much love to me as I move forward daily.




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