Mona’s Detox – Day 6

Mona’s Detox – Day 6



Day 6

I had to go to COSTCO! That was nearly a meltdown. I unconsciously sample items while there and almost was tempted to try chocolate! Well I went in and came out victorious. But I guess I had to try my commitment a bit further and went to the 99 cent store looking for household items I needed. Well, that has been my most trying day and I wanted to taste something.

Not really sure why 6 days had been so peaceful and all of a sudden it seemed a bit more challenging. But I do remember how much my life means to me. This is not drudgery or until 20 days are over, I am making a lifestyle change.

My Mother had commented, “Why don’t you start after Easter?” I replied, “Mother, its always something.” After Easter, after the weekend, after my birthday, 4th of July……………. I have realized, it is about me living each day to the best of my ability and letting God do the rest.

My ankles are not swelling, I have lots less water retention and I feel better and clearer. I also enjoy the self truth. I really feel disgusted when I lie to myself. “I am going to start Monday, or next week, or after the holiday.” This time I just started!

So while at Costco, I bought more fruits and vegetables to make smoothies at home. Learning to care for myself in a patient and kind way is new and good. Before everyone else has been first. I wasn’t even on the list of ‘to do’. So here I am detoxing and enjoying the respect I am giving myself…………………..