Mona’s Detox – Day 7

Mona’s Detox – Day 7

Easter Sunday, what a glorious day! Smelling all that rotten food and wanting to eat it was a temptation. Can I believe it? Yes, it did cross my mind and I wanted to just taste it. I wasn’t hungry, but wanted the social eating a bit. What made me not, was the overwhelming respect I was gaining for myself by NOT eating that dead food.

The healthful way I was feeling, the lightness and clarity I was gaining everyday. I also had such a sense of wanting to help and reach out to others. I even began to make decisions in and for my life that I was sluggish and double minded about.

I also have received the gift of letting others do for me, or I should say receive blessings others want to give me. I use to be so different about receiving, when blessings were given to me. The greatest of them all is what God has given to me and continually gives. My restoring health, and direction in life.




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