Mona’s Detox – Day 9

Mona’s Detox – Day 9



Day 9

What a day!  I am finally working on my office organization.  I feel like doing it today.  Most of the time it will take months to really get involved.  Translates into late fees, and missing bill deadlines, etc.  I even have a master calendar for the next two months laid out for my schedule.  I am feeling great!  All because I said yes to detoxing and using herbs that are fantastic!

I have been focused for over 4 hours and no tv breaks!  TV is by no means a good thing for me anyway. It just stalls and delays my exercise and focus on work.  I even started exercising longer and earlier!  The fresh air and mind clearing for the day is wonderful.  I even have a plan of which areas are done first and layout of my office.  Before I had just went through the papers and left them on the kitchen table for months.

I had my son paint a table and here I am.  Want to feel better America?!  Detox with these herbs!  get started on YOU.  Everything seems easier and lighter.   Usually, I don’t go any where at night.  But tomorrow night I will be going to a motivational spiritual event at Agape.  With my incredible daughter, we always have such a fantastic time together.  We laugh and enjoy ourselves to the max. 


You go girlz………………….