Mona’s Quest Continues – Day 16

Mona’s Quest Continues – Day 16

Wow can you believe all the wonderful and great things I have done since beginning my detox?! I have worked out with a trainer that has brought me to the steps of life and endurance!

And then… guess what has happened? I have had a MELTDOWN… Don’t ask me why… or… PLEASE ask me why! I know that accountability is a must for me. I have tasted the forbidden fruit and could not stop myself. All the good things have gotten even better and yet I have subjected myself to this. I feel so low and ashamed. How could this happen when I am in such health and mental clarity? I submit to you ‘the devil made me do it”.

I was in a party atmosphere because of my youngest son’s graduation and boy did I look cute to myself… Fitting into clothes that I had not been seen since 2006!

I allowed the taste of cheese and tacos overcome me. I can not tell you how embarrassed I am to even write this out loud. I will only write this, and not read it. I feel so much like a failure, I can’t believe it.

Well of course as I go through this I am saying to myself, you can do it girl, just get right back on the saddle and ride out to continued good health.

Let’s see how the morning goes……………




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