Mona’s Quest Continues – Day 5

Mona’s Quest Continues – Day 5

Five days of working out and I still need to figure out how I do it everyday without the painful aftermath. Oh, well… just be thankful and learn to take blessings as they come.

Today I walked a long uphill battle. Walking from Robertson in Beverlywood to Westside Pavillion. I never knew there were so many hills in the area. How beautiful to walk on an early morning and see such beauty and surroundings. Sometimes I would be a bit slow and tired and right at that time it seems that I would be ready to go slightly downhill. My trainer explained that going down is much harder than going up, and now I am believing it. I can feel the composure I need to keep up with to steady myself when going downhill or down steps.

My eating is still a way of life. I choose to care for myself each day. And for that I am truly thankful.



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