Mona’s Quest Continues – Day 7

Mona’s Quest Continues – Day 7

Wow doing the beach steps and walking to and from the sand after a work out is a true challenge.  Just walking to the sand point where I exercise is a challenge.  I am even running!  Something I said I would not do and felt could not do…  but I am!

The herbal detox is making challenges that I had seem so much more attainable.  I don’t feel sore and don’t feel like giving up.  Just do it is my mental motto. I am really looking forward to how I will feel when the detox comes to an end with the exercise as my booster. It is very exciting!

I do notice my body slowing down a bit with the detox.  Guess a great deal of the junk in my body is being released and now I am getting down to a deeper detox. Exciting!



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