Mona’s Quest to lose 70 pounds – Day 13

Mona’s Quest to lose 70 pounds – Day 13


Day 13

I have had gas, runny stools, and total discomfort early this morning. Belching like a man, and it had a terrible odor! What was I thinking? I feel awful. Not worth it all. I have had such a toxic headache from last night.

Well, I am telling myself to get back on board and do what is best for me. My mind and mouth feel awful. And I want to reverse the food choices I made yesterday. But I have to get on track. I know how great I felt and this isn’t it.

After the morning wore on, I began to feel better and the sabotage mind game showed up. All alone with this toxic food and I ate it! What a fool! What am I thinking?! Much too ashamed to call my son and daughter and tell them what I had done. They have been my biggest supporters and I feel like a failure right now. All that wonderful talking and movement towards great things and I blew it. No one here to blame it on but me. Couldn’t even talk to my husband today about it because I felt so bad and ashamed. I had been doing so well, because I wanted to. And my health is so much better.

The battle of the mind is powerful. It even has me feeling sleepless last night. Oh, I feel terrible………………..