Mona’s Quest to lose 70 pounds – Day 20

Mona’s Quest to lose 70 pounds – Day 20


Day 20


Day 20 and still going strong!  Who would have believed it 2-3 months ago, I could take on really loving my self and trusting the process for my health and spirit.  What an accomplishment and  all due to people who believe in me.  They jump started something I had inside and inspired me to take life on for me.  To not only look at myself, but to those who may cross my path in their own health challenges and life situations.

I am in full speed and going on to living my life like it’s golden.  Thank God for all his goodness and glory.  My husband is inspired by my raw lifestyle and has asked about going raw a lot lately.  Lead by example is one of my mottos.  Can’t talk right and walk left, as an example.  So I press on.

My skin is looking a lot clearer and my eyes are white and clear.  I have my ankles again, and my chin is defined.  I am truly blessed.  I drink my two teas, female and parasite once a day.  I even notice my ears are a lot cleaner than they were.  A bit gross, but q-tips were a daily exercise!  So many little changes I notice.  I use to have ridges on my toe nails, and now they are at the top ready to be clipped off.

Things are really changing for the best.