Mona’s Quest to lose 70 pounds – Day 3

Mona’s Quest to lose 70 pounds – Day 3

What a busy day already.

I have had my meeting, gone to weigh myself and I have lost another 4 pounds.  I don’t even snore anymore! lol!  My husband can’t threaten me with that anymore, saying no one else would want me when they heard that!  No worries, he is a great guy and that was our joke!

Today is also a day my family likes to buy hamburgers and such.  Doesn’t bother my at all.  I enjoy the self love I exhibit when I do the right things for me.  I appreciate me so much more.  This works when you finally figure out that YOU want to be healthy for YOU.  Not just vanity or an event that is coming up.  But to love yourself enough to be the priority.  This is huge for me having been a caregiver, teacher, doula and childcare operator for over 23 years.

I had to have major health challenges to finally get my attention and it has.  I said to my daughter that I was so ready to feel better, feel healthy.  And I am doing that. God is a God of second chances for sure.




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