Mona’s Quest to lose 70 pounds – Day 5

Mona’s Quest to lose 70 pounds – Day 5

Today is Sunday and I am going to relax. Still I get up at about 5 am and I get moving for my husband who will need to be at church at 7:30 am. I just feel energized and focused.

Relaxing to me is getting out when the world is still quiet and I can shop and exercise and watch my TV before my sons and husband take over the TV for ESPN ALL DAY! No worries though, TV is not good for me anyway to watch at length.

Today I did have more of a challenge with wanting to eat the wrong food. But I remembered how well I was doing and on my health mission and how fantastic I feel. Got a bit difficult though. And it was too early to go to bed. That is one of my tactics because I see that when I detox I need more sleep. Usually around 7-8pm is my bedtime. Or time to at least go in our bedroom for peace and quiet.

Oh Lord, who is cooking meat stuffed with garlic on this block? I am going to bed and closing all the windows! Night all………..




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