Mona’s Quest to lose 70 pounds – Day 6

Mona’s Quest to lose 70 pounds – Day 6

Made it through the Sunday.

I am so grateful! The weight is dropping off and I look more like I use to. Not that same old puffy face woman who displayed ill health and carelessness about herself.

I do notice also, that i talk a lot more at times. This diary is good for me and my husband. I am sure he needs to have down time and not hear me sucking all the oxygen out of the room!

I also notice that when I have a tired day, it is another day before I get my energy back. And then it goes and goes. Sometimes I have to get up even earlier because my brain has started to wake up with ideas, and dreams for my life. These herbs make me feel excited about life and motivated to go and live my best life.

No drugs here. This feeling is what drug addicts crave or any addict. This is the ultimate high. Taking care of your body, mind, and spirit. We all need to detox in many ways constantly. Well, I speak for me. Don’t need to control others anymore. That has been a side benefit of the detox…………




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