Mona’s Quest to lose 70 pounds – Day 7

Mona’s Quest to lose 70 pounds – Day 7

Day 7

I have recognized that days when my weight is dropping fast, I of course get hungry.

When I started my first detox, I would eat nuts and fill my self. It helped tremendously. Now, i choose to eat in a different way and not fill up on nuts, but to stay within my vegetables in a big way. I can feel a sense of training and conditioning of my mind and will. Having dropped 25 pounds so far is amazing. Almost a pound a day, just by doing the things the healthy way.

Will I stay vegan? I’m enjoying the great sense of health and well being, but I do enjoy fish. No worries for me right now though. I want to continually live in the moment and focus on how I am feeling and living each day. Love the weight reduction, but love being healthy first.

I also noticed my ankles and hands are not swollen. With warmer weather, I usually swell and don’t adjust to the heat so well. Feeling lethargic and run down. But I still have high energy with the detox herbs working on the inside of me. I also noticed my eyes are feeling better. They would increase in pressure and feel hard to the touch. They have stayed more moist and soft. Have not had the tingle in my feet either. I told you, I had a myriad of health issues, which really are resolving steadily.

I know when I take my next break after the completed 20 days, I won’t want to. But I think having a break for beans and a different vegan variety helps and encourages me. Also, it lets me know what I don’t want to eat or drink for my health’s sake. Eating a poor diet just makes one so tired and dull and I want a better life at my age especially. I feel like I radiate to others so differently too. Believe me, it’s not because I go out wearing “Juicy or Ralph Lauren” just because my feelings about my health and spirit have elevated and people notice that.

Thanks be to God for all his benefits!