Mona’s Quest to lose 70 pounds – Day 9

Mona’s Quest to lose 70 pounds – Day 9

What an incredible day!

I received my test results back from blood work that was taken on Monday.  My cholesterol is 40 points lower than initially taken, and my blood sugar levels are lower by 20 points, and my blood pressure is great.  My blood sugar levels are fantastic and I have not taken medicine since I began the first cleanse!  All my testing is so incredibly good since I started the detox.

Since Monday also, I have reduced my weight by another 2 pounds!  Way to go girl.

My energy level is wonderful and I cleaned my windows on the car this morning, something I don’t do because I get free car washes.  I went around the entire car and cleaned the dusty windows.  Everyday is exciting to see how my body is changing and feeling.  The herbs are doing such a great job on a woman who truly had issues.  Yes and yes again to the program.

I am more thrilled I am doing this second 20 days and already into day 9!  Time just flies when you are having fun.

One of my fruit toppings lately is cayenne pepper.  It seems to wake up my fruit with the lemon juice.  My world is expanding and I don’t need to feel bored my right choices.

It is getting late by my standards and I will being going to bed soon.  All is well……………




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