Mona’s Detox Diary


Day 20

February 23, 2009 Hello everybody! Samantha here with my last and final update on my Detox regimen. As you all know today was my last day on the Detox. For the most part I am relieved to know that I can make it through to the end, even though I had a lot of temptations along the way. From peer pressure to coming in contact with some of my favorite foods, I had no clue that I could make it to the end. I would like to say thank you to all…

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Day 19

February 22, 2009 Hello everybody! Samantha here with another update on my Detox regimen. Today I woke up an hour late for taking my first set of capsules, so to accommodate for the lapse in time I just adjusted it so everything could fall into place. By me doing that everything worked out perfectly; just everything was pushed back by an hour. Today was also a slow and lazy day for me. I just lounged around all day and just hung out around the house. I did not feel like working out since I’m…

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