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New Year New You

Follow Tanya as she completes the Full Body Cleanse and changes her lifestyle.

NYNY Tanya – Day 50

So today I felt a little better. My trip is scheduled for tomorrow, I finished the programs for the funeral and all I have to do is pack. I went to work today and at lunch I picked up Veggie Grill for the office. I love being outside. I needed the drive it was great. After work, I went to the trainer who worked my out hard. I have continued to have slight back pain from some of the exercises we do. He tells me to let him know if I am straining but I guess the saying “No…

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NYNY Tanya – Day 49

So today my energy was still down. I met up with my sister to discuss the plan on leaving for NY. We met up at Native Foods in Culver City. It was a great lunch. I’m still not ok but its still kinda hard. I guess when I finally get around my mom who has been living in NY for the last 8 months, it might be different. I did not exersize today. I was not in the mood at all. I basically stayed on the couch all the rest of the day and night. I have been thinking…

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NYNY Tanya – Day 48

Well today turned out not to be a great day at all. I had friends come in from out of town and we hung out. This afternoon my mother called me to inform me that my grandfather had passed and that I needed to schedule my trip as soon as possible. I felt like crap all day. I did an ok job of faking the funk with my friends who I didn’t tell til later in the evening. I did cheat and had a few glasses of alcohol. Even though I knew that my grandfather was passing. Now that…

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NYNY Tanya – Day 47

So my sisters made it to work today. One had a hangover (the birthday girl) and the other was tired and went to work late. So I have one day left on my cleanse!!! I am so excited. Can’t wait to have warm foods again. I can see my weight has gone down. My body has slimmed up. It seems after this cleanse my boobs are way smaller than they were before I started lol. I also notice that I can fit my size 14 jeans (as long as they have a bit of stretch to them) with no…

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NYNY Tanya – Day 46

So I went to a bar. Wait wait wait. I didn’t drink. lol It was my sisters birthday and we went to the Cork (a whole in the wall bar in Los Angeles). I made it to the gym and did my intervals, took a shower (which I hate at the gym), and ened my night at the bar. As I watched my fam eat nachos, chicken tacos, sliders and fries. I had a salad with vinaigrette dressing and water with lemon. I was the odd ball out as well as the designated driver for the evening. I never…

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NYNY Tanya – Day 45

I think my brain is messing with me. I think I am thinking too much about the weight loss and being a size 12 that I have not appreciated the ride it took to get this far. I am down to a 14 which is wonderful. I can wear clothes I havent fit in years. I can sit down and cross my legs and not have to change positions for a long period of time. I can see the definition of my colar bone that my grandmother use to say was the sexiest part of a woman’s body. So what is…

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NYNY Tanya – Day 44

I was soooo tired today. I don’t know why. I got enough sleep the night before and made sure I ate and had a lot of water and fluids. I talked with my mom today and she told me to look for flights for next week. My grandfather has not passed but she said its any day now. She has been very vague with me about my grandfather. Probably because she knows it was really hard on me when my father passed. It was kinda unexpected for us. I have been o.k. so far I think and the distance…

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NYNY Tanya – Day 43

I had a ball at the trainers today. Drew is very good at making the hour pass by. He works out with you and he never seems to do the same routine twice. By the end of the hour I want to take a nap in my car. But I am grateful that he is not a drill sergeant nor lazy when it comes to working out. I have a friend have a freiend coming over to help me get organized for 2011. Hey I know its June and I’m getting a real late start but better now than never. I give…

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NYNY Tanya – Day 42

I ran my errands today and stopped by the grocery store to get me food for the week. My funds have been in limbo the last few weeks so I havent been able to do my extensive shopping as I usually do. While in wholefoods, I wondered if you can’t tell what is genetically modified or not, can you really be eating healthy? I saw a few articles on the effects of GMO’s on pregnant women and their unborn child and how gmo’s also effect the growth of infants and couldn’t help but wonder, how can you really tell GMO from…

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NYNY Tanya – Day 41

My voice is getting better. I still have congestion in my chest but the mucus isn’t coming out of my eyes anymore. I went to the gym today and got into the sauna to see if I could sweat some of this crap out of me. I think I made a few people mad with the eucalyptus rub I had on my chest lol. It made the whole sauna smell. Oh well. It was good for them too. I wonder why there is not a Raw Ice Cream Parlor in Los Angeles. I think it would make a…

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