New Year New You Winning Submission

Hey guys, I wanted to thank Dherbs for giving me this chance to become a healthier me. I found out I was “obese” from my paperwork from my doctors physical. She didn’t even find it important to let me know. I entered this challenge because I was tired of not being able to breathe walking up stairs, tired of not fitting clothing I already have or having to purchase stretch jeans, tired of looking at pictures of myself appearing 2 times larger than what I thought in my head and definitely tired of being the big little sister.

I started to gain a significant amount of weight after my father died. I lost myself. I would eat and drink alcohol to fill the void that could never be filled. About a year and a half after that, I was had symptoms that could not be diagnosed. The doctors could not find what was ailing me. I had a fever of 104 for a month, kidney and liver failure, the appearance of jaundice, yellow blotchy skin and I was extremely swollen to the point that it hurt if you touched me. My family supported me and we found a doctor that was well versed in eastern and western medicine as well as being a herbalist. He helped my body heal and I haven’t looked back since.

I want to accomplish this for me and for my family to show them that health is very important. I come from a very overweight family that grew up thinking meat, dairy and breads are the staple in every meal and that I was prone to be larger because of my dependents. That if I change my eating patterns, my eating habits and understand what food is all about I can reach my goal and stay healthy. So once again thank you for this opportunity and I hope, no I know this will be a great life changing experience for me.



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