NYNY Tanya – Day 1

Hey guys,

Today was an o.k. day. This isn’t my first time detox so I knew what to expect. I made sure I had enough water in me all day so I wouldn’t get hungry for junk. While at work, I missed my lunch which was all bad. After work I had my first personal training session with Drew. He is very amazing. He didn’t make me feel bad at all. My workout was going good then half an hour in, I started to get light headed. Not eating before a hard workout is definitely not the thing to do. We did some plyometrics, band work and a little boxing. All in all a good day to start off, no cravings or headaches.

Personal Trainer Suggestion:
Eat some bananas, avocado, or any kind of fruit an hour before a workout or training session.

32 oz fresh squeezed orange juice

2 cut Bell Peppers w/ raw dressing


Large Mixed Greens Salad w/ Snow Peas

Personal Training Session With Drew



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